Guided Tour

Take an exploratory journey and find out how the ancient Aztecs used cocoa beans. Follow the path of cocoa beans from the cocoa tree to the store shelf and find out how the confectionery industry started in Latvia. Get to know the historical packaging of sweets and research which ones have changed the least over time. Take a look at the unique chocolate sculptures and capture fun photos and videos of your sweet adventure! Guided tour and creative chocolate workshop is approximately two hours long. Guided tours are organized in groups and reservations must be made in advance.

Creative Chocolate Workshop

Enjoy the process of chocolate creation. The chocolate workshop will be enjoyed by children as much as by grown ups! Every participant will be able to work with three types of chocolate and more than ten different chocolate ingredients. Each workshop participant will have a chance to prepare their own unique chocolates, pack them in a special box and take them home afterwards! Creative chocolate workshops are organized in groups and reservations must be made in advance.

Birthday Celebrations

“Laima” chocolate museum is a magical place for celebrations! Birthday celebrations with delicious chocolate drinks, exploration of the world of chocolate, decoration of the birthday cake, drawing on waffle sheets and creation of unique chocolate candies by your own hands! We offer two types of birthday celebration programs - The Classic Birthday celebration program and The Birthday celebration program with the little dragon Draco. Read more...

Conferences and seminars

“Laima” chocolates offer to organize seminars and conferences. For such events we offer the Chocolate Hall. The Chocolate Hall has a very special aura, thanks to its building that was constructed in 1939 and renovated in 2013. This is exactly where the “Laima” laboratory was located and where new products and new recipes for delicious chocolates were being created. The Chocolate Hall has easy access to the cafe of the “Laima” sweets shop. Read more...

Compatibility of chocolate, wine and snacks.

We invite you to enjoy special harmony of flavours, to experience how chocolate interacts with wine and creates subtle taste pleasures. We offer to introduce you to the compatibility of wine and sweets, to discover how nuanced the taste of wine is, and to get to know chocolate with all your senses. Within the program you will be able to enjoy an entertaining tour of the museum accompanied by a tour guide, become a master chocolatier in the creative chocolate workshop, enjoy fine wines and experience their compatibility with excellent snacks. Read more...

Bachelorette parties and Weddings

Chocolate workshop with its romantic feel is perfect for bachelorette party, wedding celebration or wedding anniversary celebration. Each event scenario is prepared individually and adjusted to your requests considering the amount of guests, the time of the event and your budget. Read more...

Off-site Creative Workshop

The “Laima” Chocolate Museum travels to you with a sweet and exciting chocolate workshop program. Each workshop participant will have a chance to prepare their own unique chocolates with more than ten different chocolate ingredients as well as paint with chocolate on waffle sheets. The minimum cost of the program is 250 EUR. Advance booking is mandatory - Elita Apīne, phone: +371 28315972, e-mail: