Laima Chocolate Museum opens its doors after reconstruction!


Laima Chocolate Museum opens its doors after reconstruction!

Laima Chocolate Museum has completely renovated the first exhibition hall, which is intended to reveal historical evidence of the brand and its historical development throughout more than 150 years. The hall is divided into several zones, reflecting several themes, as well as making the exposition easy to experience for both adults and children.

The museum is open to individual guests without prior appointment. For a more complete visit, an audio guide is available in seven languages – Latvian, English, Russian, German, Estonian, Lithuanian and Finnish.

Subject to the conditions applicable to private events creative workshops are available - a classic chocolate candy master class, as well as a new zephyr and biscuit glazing, painting, and decoration workshop.

The museum may provide services that are not part of an individual museum visit, including for children under the age of 12, if they are accompanied by persons who can present a valid vaccination certificate.

Other rules for visiting the museum can be found here.

The museum will resume work according to the guidelines developed by the Ministry of Culture.